Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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What does the death of IS leader al-Baghdadi mean for Boko Haram?

By Anna Nagy -November 12, 2019https://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=https://youthfuturelab.com/2019/11/12/what-does-the-death-of-is-leader-al-baghdadi-mean-for-boko-haram/&layout=button_count&show_faces=false&width=105&action=like&colorscheme=light&height=21Share On 25 October, the “caliph” of so-called Islamic State (IS)...

Why Tanzania’s local elections are more important than they might seem

By Anna Nagy -November 19, 2019https://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=https://youthfuturelab.com/2019/11/19/why-tanzanias-local-elections-are-more-important-than-they-might-seem/&layout=button_count&show_faces=false&width=105&action=like&colorscheme=light&height=21Share Last week, Tanzania’s leading opposition parties announced that they would...

Zambia: The plan to remove President Lungu, from within his own party

By Anna Nagy -November 19, 2019https://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=https://youthfuturelab.com/2019/11/19/zambia-the-plan-to-remove-president-lungu-from-within-his-own-party/&layout=button_count&show_faces=false&width=105&action=like&colorscheme=light&height=21Share On 8 November, President Edgar Lungu, speaking in his first...
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