Covid-19 is having devastating effects on many communities and aggravating problems and issues many communities face.

One of the most difficult things is culturally appropriate foods especially during this Holy Month of Ramadan. We are raising £1000 to ensure we supply at least 100 hot meals every Saturday through out the Ramadan period.

Please help us reach these families by donating towards 100 weekly Ramadan Dinners for Covid-19 Affected Families and Individuals.

Hot Ramadan meals can be requested here.

What people are saying:

These are some of the comments from those who received food on the first Saturday;

Aisha, a mother of 3 who lives with her husband and 2 relatives in the same household said:

“We are very grateful of these meals. Though they say beggars should not be choosers, the food we have been receiving is sometimes not cultural appropriate as we never know if it is Halal or not. It is also high in sugar, salts and sometimes one is uncertain of the ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, we are not ungrateful but it is vital that we all get healthy and appropriate meals especially at this time when we cannot go out and do our own search and networking to seek help for these quality meals”.


Aladdin, a Sudanese asylum seeker:

“Many of us are miles away from our communities, friends and roots. A taste and smell of those traditional dishes and the foods we love is a great source of nostalgia. It is a way for us to embrace our immigrant side of identity.”