Back to the Garden

Art & Culture

by Mellonie Page Producers: Errol M & Winnie William

Nottingham singing talent, Mellonie Page’s debut album brought back memories of youthful nights spent in house parties in 1980’s Nottingham: slow dancing to lovers’ rock, old skool and revival, memories brought back from the garden of youth.

This fifteen track album reignites that 1980’s musical spirit by capturing the essence of nature through its sultry and smooth style achieved in a way that you have to listen and feel free.

The album’s spiritual and lovers rock tone was inspired by Mellonie’s Christian faith and vision. “I was lying on the floor at my sister’s house and all of a sudden waves were moving up and down my body and when I opening my eyes, I was transported to a garden. Everything was so vivid. The grass was massaging me, the breeze was ministering me and soothing. I felt I was taken to a heavenly garden. Obviously you think of the Garden of Eden and I often wonder what it would be like to go back to that garden. As Mellonie prepared for an evening performing at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Nottingham, she shared how much she enjoys listening to music by artists who have performed at the same stage including “Lenroy ‘Bassie’ Guiste from the Nottingham dub band the Natural Ites (including Percydread and Ossie Samms) who played the beautiful track titled, ‘I Will Rise’, one of the tracks I really enjoy.”

Originally from Basford in Nottingham, Mellonie started her musical career as a youngster singing in church and at Alderman Derbyshire secondary school before going on to study Performing Arts at Clarendon College and for a degree in Contemporary Arts at Nottingham Trent University. In 1994, Mellonie toured with Black Mind, one of the biggest theatre companies in the UK. She now teaches singing in the city to help and encourage young people into the music industry.

Mellonie explained that to succeed, you have to train “as much as you can and learn about your craft. Go to concerts, get to know other artists and try to get a mentor. Dr Martin Glenn was my mentor and took me under his wing. He taught me to write poems and said if I could write poems, then I could write songs and if I could write songs then I could write plays. He really encouraged me from a young age.”

“Use your home area as your training ground. Serve in your training ground. Don’t charge people; just sing for free, people get to know who you are as well. It’s not always about the money. Believe in yourself first!” said Mellonie radiating the wisdom and knowledge gained through the years and through the blossom of her successful singing career.