African Institute for Social Development (AISD)


Making a difference in the community

The African Institute for Social Development (AISD) has been very active in making a difference in the community through health, community engagement and research in Nottingham.

AISD are based in Nottingham but operate at a regional level in promoting good health and healthy living. It was established in 2005.

They work mainly with African communities, particularly the asylum seekers, refugees and the newly arrived communities. They also work with other migrant groups and ethnic minorities.

“We believe we are contributing to making our people healthier and stronger and better able to contribute to the economy of our region and the UK”, says Mr Amdani Juma, the Managing Director of AISD.

Rev. Piety Wakamuyu, the Chaplain & Pastoral Ministry Director of AISD noted that “though we work mainly around HIV issues, we also support people and communities around their spiritual and psychological needs”.

What also makes AISD unique is its ability to collaborate and partner with many organisation in meeting its goals and objectives.

As a volunteer and African led comunity organisation, AISD engages with other volunteers and groups in enabling Africans to access health services, information, support, and skills opportunities.

Juma said that “AISD has led to better health among Africans through increased awareness of the opportunities for testing and managing HIV because of the solid partnerships and active collaborations the organisation has developed with local, regional and national health and skills agencies”.

“This helps Africans and other ethnic minorities to lead better and more fulfi lled lives and to fully participate in the UK society”, he noted.

AISD collaborates with the local authorities, NHS, universities and community groups in informing and educating individuals and communities. They also distribute free health information and condoms packs in the community in an effort to reduce the rate of ill health, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

They also offer one to one support to men and women on how to practice safer sex, emotional support, DVDs and sexual health literature.

As noted elsewhere in this magazine, they are currently engaged in both Health 4 U and It Starts With Me health oriented projects.

On more information about AISD including how to volunteer or for health support, call +44(0)1158540516 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More information is also available online at www. You can also visit them at New Brook House, 385 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 5LR.