Communities Inc. Putting Communities in Control


Communities Inc have fast become pioneers in tackling hate crime. Hate crime is any crime which is perceived to be motivated by prejudice, hate or hostility.

Victims are often targeted because of their difference for example their race, religion, disability or sexuality. With over 50 years experience between the 2 founding Directors, Shamsher Chohan and Michael Henry, it is no surprise how well they are doing.

In a spin off project, Communities Inc developed a resource ‘Faith and Hate Crime’ which looked at the role faith groups can play in tackling hate crime and supporting victims and witnesses to report it. They won a national award for this project to which Shamsher Chohan, Director says ‘it was a nice surprise; it’s good to know that our work is valued’.

A further spin off project sees Communities Inc tackling hate crime through businesses in Hyson Green. ‘This is an area where some businesses who are open late at night have themselves been victims of hate crime, so it makes sense that they get involved to make a stand against it’ says Michael Henry, Director.

Communities Inc are supporting the Department for Communities and Local Government in organising their Integration Roadshow for Nottingham.

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