The idea to form a group that will increase success of the established organisations focusing on African communities came to fruition in June 2012. It was conceived by Patrice Musarurwa, Wonderson Chideya, Michael Richard and Yami Mvula.

The last meeting of the Community Partnership Forum (CPF) took place on Wednesday 30th January at 6.00pm at the Marcus Garvey Centre. The creation of the CPF was catalysed by the eff orts of Cllr Merlita Bryan, the current Sheriff of Nottingham.

The University research into BME experiences of policing in Nottingham is almost complete and the results will be released later this June 2013. The exercise sought to find ways of improving policing among BME communities.

The Community Partnership Forum (CPF) is to launch a website to assist the members to communicate and engage more effectively among themselves and the entire Nottingham community.

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