What's going on in Riandu?!


What's going on in Riandu?!

33 students (and counting) have now entered through these gates to start their secondary education, previously with no secondary school to go to that would support their education as deaf and partially hearing people.






This is an AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT considering that all of our funding for the construction so far (worth ~£140,000) has come from charitable donors and supporters like yourselves.

This year we are fundraising for, designing and building:

The dining hall, staff accommodation, dormitory block 2 and landscaping the site. 

For this we need £74,000, of which we have secured £54,000 already. DONATE if you can for the last £20,000! (follow the link)








The board of management, teachers and students are overjoyed at the arrival of new students, and at the accepting, positive welcome  and support for the school from the local community.
The whole Riandu family has worked hard together to breathe life into this courageous vision of the Mothers' Union that they have had for a good few years now (but with insufficient funding to get it started).





Check out our facebook stream to find a recent VIDEO posted of students dancing together outside one of the new classroom blocks

Where have we got to now?...





We have made a fantastic and encouraging start.  The buildings above that are dark are those now built, on the ground on site. The buildings highlighted are still to fund.


 This year we will be landscaping the site and building the staff accommodation, dormitory block 2 and the dining hall (the blue building central to the school), which will be the main function facility for the school, open for public events and tertiary courses (such as sign-language) to the local community.

The dining hall will be one of the key points in the school site where hearing and Deaf communities mingle together and integrate, as well as the chapel and basketball court planned for future construction. These will be important points for integration.



 Elevation design of the dining hall being built this year (once we have secured funding for it)

In the above 'master plan' sketch, this is the largest building in the centre of the L shape with variegated roofing

The social understanding of deafness has already progressed due to increased awareness and the positive energy around this project locally. When the school gates went up there was a bit of stunned silence from the team. How has this all happened in two years?


At this poignant time for Project Riandu we want to extend our thanks for sharing the inspiring vision of the Mother's Union to increase equal access to education, and for offering your time, energy, money, support.

As the team on the ground establish and run the school, recruiting and teaching students from far and wide, you are providing the much needed funding for further building materials, a real momentum behind this project, and I hope you are enjoying seeing the incredible outcomes coming through thick and fast.


Deaf students, Kenyan volunteers and UK volunteer work together on the construction site, August 2015