Font Festival: Two shows exploring refugee issues


Ava Hunt presents: Acting Alone

20:00 on Saturday 28th May at The Corner. [Theatre] B

Acting Alone is inspired by the people Ava met in refugee camps in Palestine. In her unique performance style, Ava weaves together stories of immense complexity and fragile humanity together with bizarre experiences of working as an actor and performing alone. Heartbreaking, witty, Acting Alone asks questions of us all – can one person make a difference?



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Bread & Roses present: Food For Thought//In Whose Name? double bill

From 18:30 on Wednesday 25th May at The Lofthouse. [Theatre] U


Food for Thought takes real stories from people in Nottingham who have experiences of visiting a food bank or volunteering and weaves them with journalistic sources. In Whose Name? is a brand new- piece using interviews from Refugees who have come to Nottingham and explores their lives as well as the racism and media attention surrounding the Syrian Crisis.



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Source: FONT Festival