As the Face of Kenya UK celebrates its 5th year anniversary, I will be one of the ambassadors seeking to represent Kenya in 2017/2018.

 In the process, I am asking for your help in helping to raise £1000 towards basic medical care and basic education for desperately poor and isolated rural communities in Kenya. I am a British-Kenyan living in Nottingham and studying accounts. My passion is in actively supporting the needy and the less fortunate through volunteering and fundraising. As a highly motivated and compassionate individual, I avidly believe that children are our future. I am thus committed in supporting needy children, especially the destitute with minimal opportunities. This is one of the most effective ways in breaking the vicious circle of poverty and destitution that trap these children.

Joining Face of Kenya UK gives me an opportunity to amplify the voices calling for proactive action in breaking the multigenerational poverty, suffering and isolation experienced by many needy children. I am delighted to represent Kenya by being a great and highly effective ambassador of Kenya globally. In this role, I have chosen to support Children’s Health and Development in Kenya (CHADIK) with fund raising and in raising their awareness. CHADIK supports the desperately poor and isolated rural communities by providing basic medical care to mothers and children who would otherwise go unseen and untreated. They working in Likii slum, Nanyuki town where they also support a nursery school and IT training. They are also supplying agricultural and technological training for 14-16 year old very capable children who have no opportunity for secondary education and need our help to secure a future by acquiring essential skills.

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  By Esther Muthoni