Real United FC has had a very successful season that saw them perform very well despite huge competition and limited resources.

The club is preparing to launch the new season in style by bringing together old and new sponsors and supporters to help the club meet its goals. This was spelt out in a partners meeting held at Mercedes Benz Nottingham last month.

Roger Henry, the club’s manager won this year’s prestigious Nottingham Post Hero. The club is also celebrating the launch of a new website. Since its launch in 2008, Real United has been focusing on encouraging young people to stay away from drugs, crime and gang culture.

By working with partners and sponsors, the club uses innovative approaches such as Real United Mentoring Schemes which offer young people from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities to work with companies in the city.

Jacqueline Lockhart, the business director of the club said that “despite the many years of hard work, there is still a huge room for improvement”. The Lord Mayor, Merlita Bryan called for increased support in helping Real United continue with their good work. “Real United is a beacon of hope. However, we still have many young people out there who need better opportunities to turn their lives around”.

“Support of young people in developing their skills based on their competencies is key in helping them gain lifelong success and wellbeing and this is what Real United is offering”, said Ian Grayling, an accomplished educationalist.

Roland Ash, the Real United FC chairman thanked the partners and the sponsors. He also urged them “to help increase the opportunities for the young people through increased funding and active engagement with the club and its activities”.

The club was commended by all partners for having been instrumental in helping turn round the lives of young people involved in drugs and gang crime.

Sarah Day of Vanguard Plus said that the club “offers longterm support for young people seeking to escape a life of crime or who are susceptible to getting into crime by offering them opportunities to spend time outside crime and gang oriented activities”.

The club has been instrumental in helping motivate young people through real life examples and role models Valentine Nkoyo, the director of Mojatu Foundation urged the Real United to continue with their presentation of successful people whose lives have been transformed as the young people in the club will identify with such individuals and become more motivated and confident.

Referring to the recent visit to Nottingham by the billionaire Damon Buffi ni (the richest black man in the UK) following the invitation by Real United FC, Valentine commended the club for its “role in helping the young people to hear real life stories from those who have experienced and overcome tough times to become successful in life”.

Roger explained the need to bring together all the partners to help make a difference among the young people. “Real United is doing a great job. However, continued success can only be achieved if we are able to offer these young people opportunities such as the placements available at Mercedes Benz and training offered by name of college”.

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