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By Artur Meyster

Ending up in the wrong career can make you feel as if you wasted years of your life on a path that was never right for you. The real disastrous effects of being in the wrong career, however, have to do with the mental and physical tolls it takes. Being in the wrong career can be a major factor of stress in your life and make you more prone to job burnout, as covered by The Balance Careers, due to your frustration with the career.

Even if you think you are in the right career, keep a close eye on some of the common signs that indicate when you are in the wrong path. Far too often, we simply become complacent with our careers because they offer a stable salary and decent benefits. Unfortunately, this complacency will take a toll on you in the long run. Watch for the signs of a mismatched career and get out while you still can.

You Are Constantly Complaining

After work, are you the friend who everyone knows likes to complain about their work? If so, you may have seen your first sign that you’re in the wrong career. With that said, it all depends on what you are complaining about. If a bad boss really gets on your nerves each day, it’s not 100 percent that your career is a bad fit. It’s more likely that you just dislike your job or who you work with.

Try to narrow down what you are complaining about and if it has to do with your job or career. Assuming you have discovered it is your career that you are complaining about, it is time to consider taking steps to escape your job. It’s never a great idea to quit your job without a plan in mind, so look into a free online career quiz to see if there is another field better suited to you. 

If you manage to find another career path that suits your interests, you should take the necessary actions to get onto that path. While not always possible, try to hold onto your current job until you have enough education to land the new job or have aced a job interview. Taking night classes in order to acquire an online degree from a school is a very common path for people looking to launch a new career.

You Can’t Seem to Focus

A huge sign that you are in the wrong career is if you can’t stay focused at your job. Whether it’s the fact that the tasks you’re given are extremely boring or you simply are bored by everything you do, it’s best to get out of your job. Keep in mind, however, that boredom is completely normal at work. 

In fact, reports show that the average worker is bored for up to 10 hours per week. Taking into account that a standard workweek consists of about 40 hours, the average employee is bored for a quarter of the time they are at work. However, if this boredom and lack of focus are constantly around, it is a sign that your career just may not be right for you.

Should you find yourself in this position, focus on identifying what makes you passionate. Doing so can help you to discover if there is a path that suits your goals and ambitions. After all, your work will take up a large part of your life and if it is not something you are interested in, you could be wasting your time.

Another Career Piques Your Interest

Perhaps the biggest sign that you’re in the wrong career is if another piques your interest. There’s nothing wrong with being fascinated by another path, but if your fascination turns into envy and jealousy for people who work in that field, it may be time to consider learning how to write a resignation letter.

While another career can seem interesting on the surface, ensure you do your research before actually attempting to go down that path. You may put a lot of time and effort into pursuing a new career that is just as bad a match as your previous one. Ask current members of the profession you’re interested in what they do on a daily basis and see if it lines up with your interests.


Being in the wrong career and finally realizing it can be a distressing experience. However, you’re never too old or young to pursue a new path. Be glad that you got out of the bad career when you did, as some people never manage to escape the trap that is a mismatched career. Take your new lease on life and enter a career that ignites a passion in your heart, rather than one that drains the last bit of life out of you. Even if you believe your career is perfect, never stop looking for the signs that it could be a bad fit for your skills and interests.


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