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Why do many men avoid going to the doctor?Cleveland Clinic’s 2019 MENtion It men’s health survey found that 72% of men would rather clean a toilet than go to the doctor, and 65% report avoiding going as long as possible. And a May 2022 online survey conducted by The Harris Poll for Orlando Health found that one-third of men don’t think they need annual health screenings. Clearly, many men don’t like going to the doctors. But why?!

Many reasons — fear, stigma, thinking they’re “supermen,” not having a primary doctor, financial concerns, not wanting to be vulnerable about health concerns, etc. Whatever the reason, not going to the doctor can put off diagnosis and treatment of health issues. “Patients that are diagnosed at an early stage have a much better prognosis than those who show up too late at the doctor,” Dr. Nikola Djordjevic told Healthline.

An increased focus on men’s health is helping men take their health seriously, which can lead to an increase in going to the doc. But what can we do to help in the meantime? If you have a loved one who avoids doctors, Djordjevic recommends offering to join them so they feel supported. Start off small by scheduling an annual screening, then go from there. The sooner they go, the better.

PS: If you’re uninsured or underinsured and cost is delaying your visit to a doctor’s office, resources are available. Learn more about finding free or low cost healthcare near you.  
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