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Mojatu Foundation

By Chloe Jones

The birth of a child is a profound and disruptive life-changing event; charities and support specifically for young new dads were difficult to find. This alone may discourage men who are feeling they need guidance to seek it.

Perhaps societal pressures may allude to men thinking they cannot seek the help they need as the mothers’ mental health support may be viewed as more important. There are some services that prioritize making support equal. 

Increasingly reports show that both men and women will experience  Postnatal Depression and Perinatal mental health. There are increased pressures of fatherhood, financial responsibilities, as well as making relationship and lifestyle changes.

Reading holds the highest young pregnancy rate. New mothers need and deserve all the support, we must acknowledge new fathers need the support to maintain their mental well-being too throughout all stages of pregnancy and parenthood.

New fathers may be more concerned for their partner’s mental health, NCT(UK’s leading charity for parents)  found that 73% of new fathers were concerned about their partner’s mental health.


The Young Dads Collective (YDC) works to improve the lives of young dads and their children by tackling the social exclusion that locks out young dads’ potential. As experts by experience, the YDC’s young dads work with professionals to transform how organizations engage with young dads and overcome the hidden barriers that shut young dads out.

Young dads are among the most socially excluded parenting groups in the UK. They often miss out on the support networks that most parents take for granted and rely on.

YDC brings about real change by sharing young dads’ knowledge and experiences with practitioners, service providers and policymakers. The YDC helps young dads to be vocal and heard, support one another, and to improve their life chances and those of their children. There is strong evidence that father involvement is positive for mums, children, and dads.

The Fatherhood Institute: The Fatherhood Institute is the UK’s fatherhood think tank. The Institute:

  • collates and publishes international research on fathers, fatherhood, and different approaches to engaging with fathers
  • helps shape national and local policies to ensure a father-inclusive approach to family policy
  • injects research evidence on fathers and fatherhood into national debates about parenting and parental roles
  • lobbies for changes in law, policy, and practice to dismantle barriers to fathers’ care of infants and children
  • is the UK’s leading provider of training, consultancy, and publications on father-inclusive practice

The Institute’s vision is for a society that gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and any father figures; supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers; and prepares boys and girls for a healthy, equal upbringing.


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