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Mojatu Foundation

By Chloe Jones

Another insightful conversation was hosted on Thursday 28th of July, where in the spirit of celebrating oneself, Utuvuli, Mojatu and members of the community reconnected to explore ‘’The Purpose and Meaning of My Life’’.

This topic was one of the many soul-stirring topics which are part of the ‘ ‘Lets Talk For Our Wellbeing’’ discussions held on this day.

Finding your purpose and meaning of life is utterly special to every individual,a quest that differs greatly to each and every life. A question to be pondered solely, extroverted or both.

Along the way to discovery of your purpose may feel idiosyncratic at times and adaptable. To provoke thought, we asked ourselves a series of questions:

Is my Life Is Too Busy?

33% of the group said they slightly agree, 50 % of the group said slightly disagree while 17% said they were not sure.

People followed this by saying although life felt overwhelmingly busy at times, there are ways in which to make it feel more manageable, creating lists, ticking things off and creating simple structure as well as committing yourself to a quiet moment of every day by devoting time to yourself.

Switching your mobile phone off and letting friends and family know that you are having a break from social media can allow space in your mind to feel less busy as the majority of our responsibilities are reminded to us via our phones which can make us feel glued to the screen as opposed to our consciousness.

Personally, I find not going on your phone when you first wake up is important, it can shape the rest of your day to feel productive without having to digest all the phone information before checking in with yourself.

Remind yourself of what self-love tasks really mean to you. Usually doing something fueled by self-love will feel hard at the time but the benefits reaped later on, as self-sabotage usually feels good at the time but the consequences pay later.

Create your own personalised list of radical self love tasks that you can do in between busy days.

Do I have time for myself?

50% said they strongly agree and 33% said they slightly agree.

It was discussed that ‘’time for yourself’’ is completely objective and that you should consider how you wish to spend it. Time for myself could sometimes mean dedicating time to my career, cooking a nutritious meal or simply being yourself. When do you feel like you’re spending your time most valuably?

Taking this time is how we recover and how we build resilience, to be able to cope with the obstacles that occur in life that once felt enough to derail us but now can feel like a lesson.

Some women opened up about the struggles of finding ‘me time’ in the chaos of motherhood, but conveying the importance to your family of having quiet and alone time in the day for a few moments made a huge difference to their wellbeing.

Do I have a sense of meaning and purpose in my life?

One woman courageously shared that her purpose in life is healing from her trauma and teaching similar lessons on healing and growth to the people around her.

For myself, my purpose and meaning in life is to live freely and authentically, to avoid compromising myself for anyone and to take all opportunities that come to me. Someone followed by sharing that their purpose and meaning in life was to be courageous and take the risk, always listen to your instincts.

And finally one woman shared that life to her was all about connections with others and inspiring each other’s meanings in life.

To conclude this conversation, it is obvious that every matchless moment in someone’s life may inspire their own meaning, or perhaps the shifting of perspective in scenarios will teach you purpose and especially the connections and experiences shared with others may stride to inspire the discovery of your very personal meaning and purpose of life.


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