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Mojatu Foundation

By Raveena Hargun 

Self-care is about looking after yourself, doing things you love, and thinking about your mental health.

This is a practice to help individuals, families, and  communities to promote good health, preventing  disease and maintaining good health for individuals with or without disabilities.

Here are a few types of activities you can do:

Physical (Exercising), emotional (journaling), social (Family and friends), spiritual (meditation), and personal (Goals).

Take note of these self-care activities, you could use them for ideas in the future. 

Think about what strategies work for you. For example, ask for help when you need it and accept it when you are offered assistance. People are here to help when you need them to.

You can do self-care whenever you want but self-care never ever goes. As for me, I like to be organised when going out and time management is key for me.

This is very important for mental health; you have to think about yourself and sometimes put yourself first. In addition to this, it is good to keep a good balance. Doing everything from physical, social, spiritual, and personal at once can be overwhelming.

Family and friends can help and support you and doing things you love may help especially when you are unwell. People should try to balance what they do every day.

Doing something else each day or week can help. Take at least a few hours off your phone because it is important to take breaks. It is beneficial for people to have fun activities in their lives and to be productive.

Some activities that may help are Swimming, paintballing, escape room, or even going to a cafe with your friends and talking will help as well.


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