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By Raveena Hargun

What is Kara?

Kara is a bracelet that is worn by the Sikh communities. It is a thin bracelet, you can get thicker ones as well, but the majority of them are thin and both men and women can wear either on one hand or sometimes both hands. This is one of the five Ks which was introduced by the tenth Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

What does wearing Kara mean? Kara originated as protective ring to guard sword arm of the Khalsa warriors during the battle. However, in the earlier time it was used as a knuckle duster for hand-to-hand combat.

Sikh community wear Kara with a belief to get connected with guru ji. It is believed that Punjabi Kara protects from danger but symbolises concealment and courtesy.

Symbolically it is also associated with the  concept of supreme power. It reminds people of living and working under the super divine power.

This bracelet depicts the selfless nature of Sikh people. Moreover, it also depicts the permanent bonding of Sikhs with their community.

While wearing a Kara, Sikhs promise to help people in a time of need and to support them

Kara is mostly made of iron, but sometimes of steel. You can get the Kara in silver and gold, but majority of the people wear silver because that is what the colour of the Kara is.

You can get engraving in on these as well for example your name in Punjabi. Men tend to wear a Punjabi Gold Kara which can be designed just for you to wear on the wedding day or special occasion so it can complement the outfits.

Overall, the Kara means to protect Sikhs from danger and to have power also to guide them to be strong and being connected with Guru Ji and to happy life.


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