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Mojatu Foundation

By Penny Cooper

TREES – Did you know that the clearance of rainforest in the Amazon illegally, for logging and cattle rearing (for the sale of meat), if it continues will lead to devastation of the Amazon rainforest.  The continued clearance can lead to reduction in rainfall, and water supply to the Amazon River, which in turn will lead to the eventual change of the forest from rainforest to savannah. 

The precious collection of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will be vastly reduced and in fact clearance causes the release of carbon dioxide rather than removing it from the atmosphere.  This could be the outcome if clearance of the Amazon rainforest should continue.  This is a hard problem to resolve without the Brazilian Government’s intervention and there are many of us who can sympathise with hunger and need to make a living.  There are those in other countries who are looking at planting trees, which is a positive step, but we would need more activity along those lines to make up for the Amazon. 

There have been wildfires in California, Australia, South Africa, the Soviet Union and many other countries affected by the rise in temperatures, leading to the drying out of forests, and making them more like tinder to start fires.  Wildfires here in the UK recently have reinforced the need for action from the world.


Did you know that the average temperature was at its greatest in 2021 for the world since temperatures were written down.  The ice at the poles is melting more quickly than expected, leading to a change in the habitat of the Polar Bear and others who rely on the ice for their livelihood. 

Here in England, we are experiencing unusual warm weather in the wintertime, which is just unheard of, and summer temperatures which had been extreme, all because of climate change. Earth’s temperature has risen by 0.14F (0.08C) per decade since 1880, and the rate of warming over the past 40 years is more than twice that: 0.32F (0.18C) per decade since 1981.   Recently 40.3C has been reported in the UK, 2022, the highest temperature ever since recordings began.

Wild Fires


Did you know flooding is occurring all over the world, and in some parts of the world, the rise in sea level is causing those who live close to shorelines to move their homes completely, having to rebuild and move back from the shoreline, higher embankments, or as it is being spoken of, taking refugee status in other countries because their own islands have been swallowed up by the sea.  This is the future for many countries which are on the front line of climate change. 

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes that the UK will receive about 10 percent more rainfall on average per year by 2100 compared to 1986–2005.  Recently flooding has been reported in Australia, yet again, there is no doubt it is becoming a common occurrence.


Did you know that there have been some of the highest measured wind speeds and damage in the past year, ever recorded.  In Kentucky, the tornadoes wiped out dwellings and environment for many miles across the state, causing a major disaster, at 190 miles per hour.  Hurricanes at record speeds off the East Coast of America – Dorian in 2019, reached 185 miles per hour which could be rated as a category 6. Many are asking is this the category of measurement we can expect in future due to climate change.  There are many countries experiencing higher wind speeds, enough to cause damage, which at one time would have been occasional occurrence, but now is more regular, and the weatherman on the news channel is telling us it is due to climate change.


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