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Mojatu Foundation

By Penny Cooper

12 June 2022, take a look at the pictures, can you guess where I am, YES, at the Ecofarm, Screveton for their Open Day event. 

The pandemic has been hard on us all, farmers, like David Rose have had to cut back on public involved activities like everyone else, so it was a treat to have my daughter visiting and to go along to the Open Day at the farm, the first after the pandemic.

My daughter was visiting from London, and had not been to the farm before, so she took lots of pictures and we had a fantastic afternoon. 

Because we at Mojatu Foundation due to unforeseen circumstances had not gotten involved this year, I was free with my time to enjoy the farm as a customer. 

I loved it, the day, weather wise, was ideal, and we wandered around sampling the country life.

Caffe Velo Verde is a popular cycling haunt at the farm, and we headed straight there for a coffee and a bacon cob, lunch. 

It was busy, people sitting outside in the sunshine.

We then headed for the tractor ride, a 20-minute ride around the farm.  It was very informative and good to hear what David has been doing on the farm. 

I was particularly keen to see the Female Genital Mutilation plaques and trees planted in the farm, and wow how they had grown (picture below). 

I remember many weekends of volunteering and planting of the trees, approximately 4000 of them, fruit, and nut.  I pointed them out to my daughter with pride.

Also, interesting to hear about was a project of apple trees layered between crops, where the wildlife is encouraged to do what pesticides would normally do and provides David with an opportunity to grow organically. 

He is a great innovator on the farm and very much into the community.  Take a look at his website at https://www.farmeco.co.uk/

The wicker giants were still there, but the trees had grown up and much of the view was green in the skyline.

The maze you could get lost in this time because the trees were so tall. We visited the sheep shearing, saw the pigs and a giant tortoise. 

I have to say the tortoise was a surprise, I have only ever seen them as large on Zanzibar in Africa.

To complete our visit, we waved to the Queen in the phone box (see picture below) and visited some of the stalls. 

My daughter was particularly interested in the African jewellery.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and good to catch up with friends.

Mojatu Foundation in cooperation with David Rose, plan to hold volunteer days to visit the farm in the minibus, if you are interested in helping out, please let us know, info@mojatufoundation.org


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