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Mojatu Foundation

By MGDC Centre and Edited by Pa Modou Faal

On Wednesday 22nd June 2022, citizens at Marcus Garvey Day centre (MGDC), marked the Windrush Day by reminiscing and having discussions about what they remembered about arriving in the United Kingdom and of their first impressions and experiences.

Windrush Day Celebration at Marcus Garvey Day Centre

All citizens agreed that they very clearly remember how cold it was and how things looked so different from the pictures they had previously seen.

Citizens reminisced how they lived in shared accommodations and had to share all the facilities.

They recollected the hardships they faced during that time and shared stories of how they were sometimes treated when they go to the shop.

They said the shopkeeper would ignore them and serve everybody else first and leave them till last.

A citizen gave a very touching story saying that she was once sheltering from the rain in a shop door and to her surprise, the shopkeeper asked her to move away.

Another citizen shared that she was told that one should definitely try fish and chips and when she went to the chips shop and saw them wrap the fish and chips in newspaper, she walked out of the shop as she was not used to food being served and wrapped in a newspaper.

Citizens also discussed how things have evolved and changed over the years from the time when they first came over.

A Windrush quiz was also held which was enjoyed by all and there were also displays set up.

Green Fingered Activities at the MGDC

The citizens at MGDC recently enjoyed some gardening activities at the day centre.

They planted a variety of seedlings and flowers to watch grow and have been assisting in the maintenance of the plots in the outside garden area.

The citizens really enjoyed getting their hands dirty and cannot wait for them to grow so that they can sample some of the produce that they have planted and grown, such as tomatoes, spring onions and chives!

When the flowers bloom, they will be placed in the day centre for all to admire.

Lunch trips Are Back for Marcus Garvey Citizens

Citizens from MGDC enjoyed their first lunch visit out since the beginning of the pandemic at Sherwood Man or pub and restaurant.

For them, it was nice to go out for lunch again with staff ensuring that all safety precautions were still followed and adhered to.

Citizens also visited the Brookfields Garden Centre and spent time looking around the garden centre and bought potted plants to take home with them.

Citizens have not been able to take part in such activities which was a norm and done as routine pre-pandemic days but really benefitted by being able to go out knowing that staff are ensuring that the necessary processes are followed to keep everybody safe.

Visits out are of immense benefit to citizens as such visits help to promote wellbeing, retain independence and support in providing a positive experience.

These outdoor activities help them in creating social networks and opportunities for them to know each other better.

Jamaican Independence Day Celebrations at Marcus Garvey Day Centre

Jamaica Independence Day at Marcus Garvey Centre was celebrated on 4th August 2022.

Residents from The Oaks Residential Care Home also visited and took part in the celebrations.

A citizen from Marcus Garvey Day Centre knew a resident from The Oaks Residential Care Home with whom they used to work in the past but had not seen each other for years.

They spent time reminiscing and catching up with each other. There was a quiz session and a poetry performed in patois by Kim-Marie Gordon, a member of staff, which everyone enjoyed. Caribbean brunch was served and went down a treat with all.

The event was also attended by local Councillors Audra Wynter and Audrey Dinnall.


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