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Health is wealth: Nutrition in an Age of Junk Food Pandemic 


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The fact of existential indispensability of nutrition to human life begins from the earliest embryonic stages when the newly formed foetus attaches itself to the placenta for the sustenance of its life and further development. During pregnancy the amount of nutrition and balanced diet that the expectant mother consumes plays substantially a very significant role in the healthy development of the embryo till it becomes a fully formed baby ready to enter the world.

The need for nutrition is endless as the newly born baby’s first encounter with food, as its joins the human population, begins from the mother’s irreplaceable breast milk. Even the mother’s milk undergoes changes both qualitatively and quantitatively to suit the rapidly and continually growing needs of the baby.

Foods humans consume contain various types of nutrition with some having more of certain vitamins, proteins and minerals than others and vice versa. The more richly nutritious diets one regularly takes, the more beneficial they are to the person’s health and overall well-being. There are certain foods that not only are physically beneficial but also contribute to boosting the brain power of the individual. Clinical tests and scientific studies have shown that some foods do possess nerve-calming, energising, healing and therapeutic properties. People who maintain the consumption of healthy, balanced, wholesome diet are known to be less prone to developing serious medical complications or the tendency to falling sick so easily and are less dependent on medications. Among these foods are some that are known to slow even the aging process and other frailties that come with it. Children fed with wholesome, balanced and richly nutritious foods stand better chances of having their cognitive abilities developing remarkably well.

Conversely, in this age of living a fast-paced life saturated with so many distractions owing to the people addiction to their smart devices and prolonged accessing of the social media, people are having so less time or appetite for eating proper meals and are rather becoming so much, more inclined to eating fast foods on regular basis quite impervious and unaware to their lack of the proper nutrition and paying no heed to the required, daily intake in the amount of nutrition. Nowadays, it has become commonplace to see children in their early teens rushing to convenience stores to start their morning with energy drinks when in fact for their age they are expected to naturally be bursting with energies. The reason for their dependency on such drinks is owing to their consumption of fast foods.

To sum up, the mushrooming fast-food joints during this the junk food pandemic and the people’s over-dependence on them has to a greater extent contributed to the weakening of their immune systems, therefore rendering them easily susceptible to all kinds of illnesses thereby seeing exponential increase in the number of people needing either regular medications and/or hospitalisations which otherwise could have been avoided. This eventually not only overburdens the already crisis-ridden health sectors of many nations but also drains these nations’ coffers with its ripple effects potentially impacting other sectors.

Succinctly stated “Health is wealth” goes the famous saying, so anyone squandering it will do so to their own peril.

By: Mr. Nur Mohamed


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