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TacklingYouth Unemployment in Northern Laikipia: A Call to Action


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North Laikipia, Kenya – Beautiful tranquil region of northern Laikipia, Kenya meets wildlife and wildlife. Defensively, there are depth and speed issues to consider. This is a problem that resonates not only in the region but also around the world: Youth Unemployment. In this article, we delve into the complexity of this problem, exploring its origins, its impact on young people, and strategies to solve it.

Understanding the Unemployment Problem

Youth unemployment in Northern Laikipia is a complex problem with many causes. It is the result of the combination of commercial, social and educational fields. In general, young people in the region face serious problems when trying to enter the market.

Economic Factors

The economy of Northern Laikipia isbased on agriculture and tourism. While these businesses are promising, they can be seasonal, resulting in a lack of business during the missed period. In addition, the low level of industrialization limits young people’s access to many job opportunities.

Drought in Samburu, to the south of Laikipia, has led to herders ranging further afield than normal.

Education problem

Education plays an important role in solving youth unemployment. However, lack of access to quality education and vocational training can be a significant problem. Lack of skills and qualifications makes it difficult for young people to compete in the market, leading to a cycle of unemployment.

Urban migration

As an answer to unemployment young people in rural areas migrate to cities to find work. This migration can put pressure on urban infrastructure and reduce the number of workers in rural communities, affecting local development.

Impact on Youth

Transformative Partnership Launched: Laikipia St. Martin Join Hands For Youth Empowerment Project.

Youth unemployment has a huge impact on youth in Northern Laikipia. It can lead to despair, social isolation and psychological distress. In addition, the financial distress on the families of unemployed young people will impoverish the family.

Unemployment will also affect the overall development and stability of the region. Young people who are not working may use negative coping mechanisms, including crime or drug use. This situation has a negative impact on social security and harmony.

Initiatives and Solution

Northern Laikipia struggles with youth unemployment.  Community leaders, local organizations, and government agencies are working together to create programs and projects to increase employment and entrepreneurship for youth.
1. Skills development program.

Skills training and workshops designed to help young people acquire the skills they need to enter the workforce or start a business. These programs often focus on areas related to the local economy, such as agriculture and tourism.

2. Business and business support

Business support is another strategy to prevent unemployment. Provide training, guidance and support to help young peoples tart and manage their own businesses. These measures not only create jobs for young people, but also contribute to the growth of the local economy.

3. Promotion of agriculture and agribusiness.

Due to the importance of agriculture in Northern Laikipia, there is an expansion in the provision of agricultural commercial farming for youth. From modern agricultural methods to more profitable ones, these projects are important for creating a healthy life in the soil.

4. Education Reforms.

Education reforms are being considered to solve the education problems that cause youth unemployment. These reforms include improving the quality of education, expanding training and employment opportunities, and adapting information to market needs.

5. Encouraging local investment.

Attracting local and foreign investment is important in terms of creating more employment. Supporting local businesses and businesses leads to economic growth that benefits young people.


Youth unemployment is a serious problem in Northern Laikipia, but it is not an insurmountable problem. By combining measures to improve skills, entrepreneurship and education reform, we can hope for a better future. Youth in Northern Laikipia are underserved and, if given time and resources, they can be a driver of economic growth and development in the region. Today’s efforts to combat youth unemployment will lead to the prosperity of Northern Laikipia and give young people the chance to build a better tomorrow.

About The Author

Moses Sampeke
Moses Sampeke
Community Journalist, Laikipia County, Kenya, Africa.


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