Monday, September 28, 2020
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Beware of these Covid-19 scams

As we stay home to save lives, some unscrupulous characters have set forth to exploit the situation for their own good. We thus urge you to be aware of some of those emails, messages, calls and messages you get.

Here is a summary of some of the things to look out for:

1. Online shopping fraud: Be aware of unsolicited emails and texts offering questionably good deals and never respond to messages that ask for your personal and financial details.

2. Lender loan fraud: Be aware of unsolicited loan offers, do not click on links or attachments in suspicious emails and never respond to  messages that ask for your personal and financial details.


3. Computer software services fraud: Never install any software, or grant remote access to your computer, as a result of a cold call.


4. Wash your hands of corona virus scams: Wash your hands of coronavirus scams and share this postcard with friends and family, protect yourself and others.

Solution: Be aware of people offering shopping or medication collection services or selling items to test for/cure coronavirus. These are not currently available to purchase.  Be suspicious of requests for money up front. Don’t assume everyone is genuine. It’s okay to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you. #ScamAware #Coronavirus

Take Action: If you would like to learn more about scams and take actions against them, check this link for training.



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