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ZK Mortgages

ZK Mortgages

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ZK Mortgages

This is the team of ZK mortgages, they operate and thrive within the local community of Hyson Green. Known for their adaptability and dexterity in doing so, this is a business that has its customers at the very core. Unlike most, this small firm has the interests of the community at heart and caters to them by offering a very generous rate for anybody seeking to transfer funds abroad to their families and loved ones.

ZK mortgages have many other things to offer the community especially for those who seek any accountancy advice regarding a business such as restaurants, barber shops and retail stores, which helps keep funding within the community. Availability for accountancy of an individual’s own finances or that of a friend or family member Is also an option. The attitude of Mr Zafar Khan is unparalleled in positivity and is beginning to gain a lot of acknowledgement from the local community, due to the constant expansion and endeavours into different fields of business. Recently Mr Khan set up a charity organisation by the name of Karim Welfare (Reg. charity No: 1158944) in order to provide relief for people around the world who are suffering from natural disasters and the illness’ that follow.

Within the offices located on Radford road there is another company thriving which offers accident compensation expertise for anybody who has been unfortunate enough to have a road accident in the last 3 years. Mr Mohammed Zaffar is also a very friendly character who goes out of his way to make sure each of his individual cases is treated with respect and the honesty they deserve.

Furthermore the main aspect of this business as of April 2016 is to now offer mortgages for first time buyers and experienced Landlords alike, the charges that may incur by using big firms and the lack of attention and focus on the individual are all avoided by using businesses such as this one. Furthermore, it helps support the local community to develop and thrive so that the community becomes more independent and sustainable for other small businesses to flourish and/or get started.

Finally, the help for local people in the community continues with the company seeking to add taxi driver insurance to the plethora of insurance policies already on offer.  The case of the newest employee within the office, Jamie Blake, who was employed through a scheme known as Nottingham Jobs Fund plus which in itself is ran by the Nottingham City Council. This scheme was designed to help people who have had any form of a troubled past, ranging from criminal convictions to depression and anxiety. Once again by employing through this scheme it is further proof of the will and desire of this company to give back to the people within the community.