15 Ways People Self Sabotage and how to counter them

    One of the good self improvement channels you can watch on YouTube is Here is one of their great videos exploring why people sabotage their chances of success. It highlights the  the following reasons as to why smart people self-sabotage:

    1. Poor prioritisation skills
    2. Impostor syndrome
    3. Always being late
    4. Being a negativist (negative people)
    5. It’s never enough(when i get enough money then i’ll be happy)
    6. Shitty role models
    7. Not giving your body what it needs
    8. Trying to keep with everybody just for appearances
    9. Staying in toxic relationships
    10. Inability to control our mind and emotion
    11. Not asking for what you want
    12. Accepting outdated ideologies
    13. Feeling entitled and arrogant
    14. Being scared to go out of your comfort zone
    15. Not finishing what you start
    16. The bonus point is, if you don’t have something , it’s because you don’t want it hard enough.

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