Staying Safe & Healthy From Covid-19 Virus.

    Written by Annice Thomas

    Coughs and spluttering everywhere
    Contagious droplets we don’t want to share
    Young and old and in the between
    This virus is rampant and very keen
    Beware, beware of Covid- 19

    It takes a virus to spread everywhere
    Before we show the elderly we care
    The evidence is clear on the supermarket shelves
    That humanity in crisis only thinks of themselves
    Hygiene is a personal responsibility
    Our hands are ours; it should be down to me!
    Washing our hands is not something new
    Our researchers and scientists have better things to do

    The world is shocked by Covid -19

    A pandemic this generation has never seen
    Every colour, race, rich or poor
    The virus can enter your own front door
    Money and investments cannot buy you health
    Covid -19 can’t be blackmailed with wealth
    Covid-19 is a global emergency
    Caring for yourself and others is the key
    The pandemic has caused us to surely think
    About the basics of life and our humanitarian link
    Let’s not be selfish in our quest to survive
    Common sense and kindness will keep us alive.

    Tribute to the NHS Staff

    Staff and volunteers of the NHS
    Your all hero’s and nothing but the very best
    You give your all both night and day
    Your work ethic and compassion
    Are not reflected in your pay

    Thank you for the sacrifice you tirelessly make
    No sleep, no food, no time for tea breaks
    Thank you NHS staff and volunteers
    Your dedication and skills

    Caused Great Britain to shed grateful tears

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