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Somalia’s Lower House Speaker Denounces Deadly Military Base Bombing as Cowardly and Unreligious


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The Speaker of Somalia’s lower house of Parliament, Sheikh Adan Mohamed Nur, known as Adan Madobe, has vehemently condemned the recent bombing of a military base as a “cowardly, merciless, and unreligious” act. The attack tragically claimed the lives of 25 soldiers and left more than 70 others injured.

Madobe expressed his suspicion that “traitors” within the ranks may have facilitated the bombing. While acknowledging that there are many good and dedicated officers, he firmly stated that the involvement of traitors in such a heinous act was intolerable. He made these remarks in a video shared by state media.

The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the al-Shabab militant group, which stated on Telegram that one of its suicide bombers carried out the strike. The assailant detonated a suicide vest as the soldiers gathered after breakfast. These soldiers were recently deployed to Mogadishu for additional training and re-equipping.

In the absence of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre from the country, Speaker Madobe is currently serving as the acting president. He has ordered a rigorous investigation into the incident, urging honest security personnel to uncover the truth behind the attack.

In the wake of the bombing, Somali security officers have taken action and arrested at least three military officers, including a colonel, in connection with the incident. These officers are considered suspects and will be questioned regarding the security breach that allowed the suicide bomber to access the highly fortified base.

While one officer asserted that the bomber was not a member of the Somali National Army, another officer pointed out that the base hosted various units, including personnel from the land forces and military transport sectors, making it possible for the attacker to exploit a lack of knowledge among the soldiers.

Speaker Madobe expressed deep concern over the security lapse that allowed the bomber to infiltrate such a heavily guarded facility. He emphasized that this was not an ordinary place accessible to just anyone.

The devastating loss of lives on their own base has left Speaker Madobe and the nation deeply disappointed. Soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country deserve respect and honour, but this act of violence has caused immense grief and sorrow.

As investigations continue, the Somali people seek answers and justice for the fallen soldiers. The nation stands united in condemning this reprehensible act of violence and reaffirms its commitment to strengthening security measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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