Upcoming webinar on vaccine hesitancy in the BAME community

    The Unity in The Community team is hosting a series of webinar sessions to explore vaccine hesitancy in Nottingham's BAME community.

    Get a taste of the world with Base51’s Holiday Programme

    Base51 will be delivering an exciting Holiday Activity Programme over the summer in Nottingham for 11-17 year-olds.

    Neighbourhood Watch to tackle scams with Sling Your Hook campaign

    Throughout July, Neighbourhood Watch will be tackling scams with their campaign Sling Your Hook.

    Impact of COVID-19 on Migration – International Migrants Day – 18/12/2020

    Source: International Organisation for Migration (IOM) COVID-19 was the defining issue of 2020, and as the United Nations celebrates International Migrants Day today and considers...

    The Grand Bazaar opens in the Meadows

    The COVID-19 pandemic did not only threaten our living conditions, but it has also hit the economy very hard. Among the areas where it...

    A Dream for a Bright Future Sinks in the Mediterranean Sea

    by IOM Nabie Loyce, Media and Communications Assistant and Liatile Putsoa, Media and Communications Officer Twenty-eight-year-old Roam Khot sits in his small corner shop, in...

    African community leader claims nurses are being ‘bullied’ into working

    By Kuziva Mutisi Nurses who are members of the African community have been “bullied” into going to work despite their disproportionately high risk of contracting...

    How The Absence of Spectators Hits The Private Security Sector…Interview With Abdoulie Jeng

    One area where COVID-19 has been impacting upon is the private security sector. The sector has been definitely affected but unlike many other enterprises/institutions...

    The Fight Against FGM Through Community Participation

    Welcome to ‘The Kind Link’ series. We will be exploring the challenges, motivations, and goals of charities with consideration to the Covid-19 situation. Non-profits...

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