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Kenya’s government is throttling the growth of private schools

By Ken Ramani Kenya’s public schools are in trouble. In some parts of the country, between 80 and 100 children are crammed into a single...

What’s driving high pregnancy rates in Kenyan schools

By Michael Mutua During Kenya’s national schools exams, an alarming number of girls were reported to be pregnant or in labour, and so couldn’t take the exam....

Climate change isn’t a priority for Kenyan universities. It should be

By Jackline Nyerere Universities can play a vital role in shaping change in societies. They produce knowledge through research, train future decision makers, and contribute...

Kenya: Adding up the costs of the floods amid an economic crisis

The devastation from the floods in Kenya have been immediate, but the impacts will continue to be felt for some time. People attempt to navigate...

Book review: Kenyan Christian Queer is a powerful departure from despair

By Damaris Seleina Parsitau The mark of a great book is often its ability to provoke robust debates and force readers to confront uncomfortable content. Kenyan,...

Climate change: Kenya’s power sector is a shining example, the big hurdles are household and transport emissions

By Anderson Kehbila Kenya’s ambition is to reduce carbon emissions by one-third by 2030, relative to the business-as-usual scenario of 143 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent....

Kenyans Unite to Aid Flood Victims

In the wake of devastating floods that have swept across various regions of Kenya, citizens have taken matters into their own hands, forming grassroots...


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