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  The Role of Men in Ending FGM

The social dynamics driving female genital mutilation are intrinsically. gender-based, and the practice is driven by – and reinforces – norms that devalue...

How Young Kenyans are Participating in Sports and Arts as a Way of Expressing Themselves Developing their Talents and Earning a Living

Sports and arts are not only sources of entertainment and leisure, but also avenues for young Kenyans to express themselves, develop their talents, and...

Access to Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations in Nairobi on an Equitable Basis

In Nairobi, everyone has the right to receive high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare. However, some vulnerable groups, like refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs), have...

Nairobi’s Critical Role in Wildlife Conservation: Preserving Biodiversity

Nairobi, located in the heartland of Kenya, is a distinctive metropolitan hub surrounded by the beauty of the natural world. The city is crucial...

The Vital Role of Sports in School: Beyond the Field, Court, and Track

Sports in schools have long been regarded as more than just extracurricular activities. They serve as platforms for physical fitness, character development, teamwork, and...

Enhancing Nairobi’s Schools’ Quality and Infrastructure via Investment in Education

While some schools are excellent at offering high-quality education, others have serious problems with their facilities, their resources, and their ability to hire skilled...

The Role of Education and Awareness-Raising Initiatives in Challenging harmful Practices and Empowering Communities to Abandon FGM

https://www.ungei.org/sites/default/files/2021-02/FGM-The-Role-Of-Education-2016-eng.pdf Education and awareness-raising initiatives play a crucial role in challenging harmful practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and empowering communities to abandon this...


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