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“Financial Relief for Struggling Renters: Islington Council Allocates £500,000 Grant Pot”


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With the ongoing economic challenges and rising living costs, many people find it increasingly difficult to meet their financial obligations, especially when it comes to housing expenses. In response to this, Islington Council took a significant step in April by opening a £1 million hardship fund aimed at providing much-needed financial assistance to renters facing financial hardships. This fund, primarily focused on supporting low-income renters with minimal savings, has so far allocated £508,000 to those in need. The council aims to disburse the remaining funds to approximately 2,500 renters, who can apply for grants of up to £250 for rents.

A Helping Hand for Working Renters

The primary objective of the scheme is to alleviate the financial burden on working renters with low incomes and limited savings. To be eligible for the grants, applicants must have a household income of £50,000 or less, along with savings amounting to £5,000 or less. The fund seeks to provide a buffer against the ever-rising costs of living, ensuring that vulnerable renters can maintain a stable and secure living situation.

Widening the Reach of the Grant Scheme

To further extend its support to those in need, the Islington Council has broadened the eligibility criteria, allowing more individuals to apply for the grants. Originally, only those on Universal Credit and housing benefits could apply, but now the scheme has been expanded to include people living in flatshares or houses of multiple occupation. Furthermore, mature students aged 25 and above are now eligible to benefit from this financial assistance.

Revisiting Past Applications

The council has taken a proactive approach by reaching out to nearly 2,800 residents who are currently on Universal Credit or housing benefit. These individuals are invited to reevaluate their eligibility for the one-off grant, as some may now meet the updated criteria. This move demonstrates the council’s commitment to ensuring that all available funds are utilized for those who genuinely require assistance.

Applying for the Grant

Applying for the hardship grant is a straightforward process, but applicants must provide the necessary documentation to prove their eligibility. This includes proof of rent payment, the most recent bank statement detailing the savings of all household members, and evidence of earnings. The council aims to process applications within ten working days, assuring prompt assistance to those in dire need.

Islington Council’s £500,000 grant pot is a lifeline for struggling renters in the region. By allocating substantial funds to support those facing financial challenges, the council demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of its residents. The one-off grants of up to £250 for rents provide a vital cushion for low-income renters with minimal savings, offering a sense of security in these uncertain times.

If you find yourself in need of financial assistance and meet the eligibility criteria, don’t hesitate to apply for the grant. Visit https://www.islington.gov.uk/benefits-and-support/cost-of-living-support/help-for-renters-who-are-working to begin your application process. If you require any support during the application, reach out to the council at 0207 527 8222 or HereToHelp@islington.gov.uk. Remember, the fund will close once all remaining funds are allocated, so act promptly to secure the financial relief you need.

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