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Mysterious “Naya Nkainito” Rock. Nareto Community Conservancy.


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Once upon a time, in the vast and untamed lands of Laikipia, long before the arrival of British colonial times, there thrived a proud Maa-speaking community known as the Ilaikipiak. It was an era when the rhythms of life were dictated by the untamed wilderness, and the echoes of tribal legends resonated through the boundless savannah.Within this community, a tale of profound tragedy and bitter enmity unfolded, shrouded in the mists of time. It revolved around two co-wives, each bound to a single man, yet harboring a fierce animosity that simmered beneath the surface of their shared existence. Their names, like whispers carried by the wind, have long been lost to the annals of history, but the echoes of their strife have endured through the ages.

One fateful day, as the sun cast its golden gaze upon the rolling hills of Laikipia, the two co-wives embarked on a seemingly routine task: the arduous journey to fetch water from the ancient rock (later came to be known as Naya Nkainito) that overlooked their homestead, nestled beneath the watchful gaze of what is now known as Lolldaiga Hills. This rock, known as Naya Nkainito, held more than just water; it cradled a natural cavity, a mysterious water catchment cave that retained the life-giving elixir of the heavens when the skies wept.As they descended upon the rock, the air crackled with an unspoken tension, and the weight of their shared turmoil hung heavy in the silence. It was a tension born of resentment, jealousy, and the festering embers of a feud that had consumed their spirits.

As they bent to draw water from the depths of the rock’s cavernous embrace, the simmering enmity erupted into a tempest of raw emotion.In a moment etched in the sands of time, the bitter seeds of discord bore fruit as one co-wife, consumed by the flames of animosity, sought to unleash the depths of her malice upon her foe. With a heart poisoned by rancor, she seized the opportunity to rid herself of the thorn in her side, to cast her rival into the abyss that lay hidden within the rock’s ancient embrace.The struggle that ensued amid the echoing silence of Naya Nkainito was one of desperation and defiance. As the waters of fate closed in around them, the co-wives became entwined in a tragic ballet of survival and sorrow. One sought to condemn the other to the depths, while the other clung to her assailant, refusing to be swallowed by the darkness alone.In a cruel twist of destiny, their entwined fates led them to a shared demise, their struggles silenced by the murky depths of the rock’s watery domain. The waters of Naya Nkainito bore witness to a lamentable tragedy, as the enmity that had coursed through the veins of the co-wives gave way to the solemn embrace of eternity.

From that day forth, the rock became a somber testament to the sorrow that had befallen the Ilaikipiak community. It bore a name that echoed through the ages, whispered in hushed tones through oral narration till I documented today, by those who treasured the memory of the co-wives who had vanished into the depths: “Naya Nkainito,” the rock that, in a single breath, swallowed two co-wives alive.

The history of Naya Nkainito endured as a poignant reminder of the perils of enmity and the harrowing depths of human sorrow. It echoed through the windswept plains of Laikipia, a testament to the fragility of life and the enduring legacy of a tragedy that had transcended the boundaries of time.

About The Author

Moses Sampeke
Moses Sampeke
Community Journalist, Laikipia County, Kenya, Africa.


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