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Chiwawas or Chihuahuas are cute little dogs whose origin is traced back to Mexico.They are the smallest of all dog breeds. It is usually kept as a companion animal or for showing off.They make good pets and like special treatments. In Kenya we classify them as the slay queens when we come to the dogs kingdom. When it comes to food and meals, they prefer special diets. They act like those guys in high school who always ate the “special diet” that was offered by the school since they had some sort of pride and they would choose whatever they want to eat.

Chiwawas like attention, being spoilt and pampered all the time. A treatment that most ladies out here would love to receive from their loved ones. They are shampooed, taken for pedicures and even have potties. They are very cute to have around and to be seen with. Did you know that chiwawas know how to strike a pose cuter than yourself? Hence, they are good for Instagram and photo shoots. They are not just pets but accessories and one looks good flaunting with them.

When being walked by their owners, they are always on a leash least they wander too much and get lost or even getting hurt. They are more prone to barking but rarely bite. They are also very expensive to maintain. Talking about maintenance, I wonder how some of the university students are able to even buy chiwawas. How about maintaining them? This is still something that I am looking into.

Mongrels on the other hand are dogs of no definable type or breed.They are not very cute dogs and their origin is still unknown. These are the dogs your grandmother owns in the village with names like Ngui, Bosco, wreckes, Pitis and Blacky. They don’t require any special diet and eat whatever is available. If the owner eats sukumawiki and ugali, that is what they will definitely eat. If the owner did not leave some leftovers, they try their luck at the hostile neighbors.

They have never heard of shampoos, pedicure or even potties. The closest they get to a pedicure is a broken toe after being pelted by a rock in the village sociopaths. They are not Instagram or photo shoot ready and neither do they know how to pose for photos. They are not pets but security guards in your grandmother’s compound. At night they are left to wander around the village as much as they would love.

They are very cheap to maintain since they require no special treatments. When taking a walk with their owners, they go ahead playing and hunting.

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