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Ali Saleh Kiba (Conceived 29 November 1986), most popular as Ali Kiba or incidentally as king Kiba, is a Tanzanian musician and lyricist. He is one of the most gifted performer in East Africa and for the most part viewed as the king of Bongo Flava music Classification. He is from Kigoma and the proprietor of kings music label. With hit tunes like Mwana, Aje, Chekecha Cheketua, Cinderella, Nakshi Mrembo, Usiniseme, Dushelele, Single Kid with Woman Jaydee, Mapenzi Yana Run Dunia and Macmuga. Ali Kiba is generally viewed as one of the best Bongo Flava stars ordinarily connected with close contention with Diamond Platnumz.

Kiba joined the rundown of media proprietors in the wake of launching Crown Media in an elegant occasion over the weekend.Present during launch were, among others, previous Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete and individual vocalist Ommy Dimpoz.Ali Kiba presently joins another Tanzanian vocalist Diamond, who claims a completely fledged media house in Wasafi Media.

The media organization has a television (Crown television) and radio broadcast (Crown FM) in activity and will likewise use the digital space and innovation.During the launch Ali Kiba said that he means to reach however many individuals as would be prudent through his new element, Crown Media.

The decision of ‘Crown’ as the name for his media domain he explained holds representative importance, connoting the worth and imperial involvement with amusement that he intends to convey to his crowd.

“Asili ya crown ni uthamani, ni kitu ambacho kiko ufalmeni, kitu chenye thamani na kenye kutukuzwa, kutuzwa… chenye kumpa mtu esteem,” he noted.His comments can be meant “The Beginning of the name crown is esteem, something that situated in eminence, something commended and perceived and gives somebody value.”

At the point when inquired as to why he chose to wander explicitly into the media business and no other business, for example, land or travel, Ali Kiba illustrated the critical job of media in molding his vocation, refering to his young life connection to a radio talented by his dad as a wellspring of motivation for his media adventure.The Bongo star shared that his motivation to extend his realm by wandering into the media business was educated by his own insight.He acknowledged his prosperity as an artist to the media, taking note that the media made him the star he is today.Kiba related that once upon a time, he was unable to rest without a radio close by.

“Media is an exceptionally incredible asset, the media transformed me into The present Ali Kiba. I never used to rest without a radio which I was gifted by my father.”

The difficulties I have gone through motivated me to carry an answer for the media.1986 was the start of my voice. It was the voice of dreams and desires.” Kiba noted”.

Over the 20 years, Kiba has created a few outline besting hits and developed his image.He has likewise supported new ability, upcoming artists and teamed up in projects with different players in the business, making him an unmistakable figure in the game.

Away from the charm and marvelousness of fame, the vocalist has likewise had his reasonable portion of difficulties over the years.His most recent venture comes when he is celebrating twenty years in media outlets.

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