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Title: Putting Men at the Forefront: Mojatu Women CBO’s Initiative to End FGM in Laikipia County


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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) remains a deeply entrenched practice in many communities around the world, despite efforts to eradicate it. In Kenya, particularly in regions like Laikipia County, FGM persists as a harmful tradition, often perpetuated by societal norms and lack of awareness. Mojatu Women Community-Based Organization (CBO), in collaboration with various partners including the Lynn Foundation, Utulivu Women’s Group, Youth Future Lab, and Mojatu Foundation, is taking a bold step to address this issue head-on. On 8th May 2024, Mojatu Women CBO will convene a significant event in Illpolei, Laikipia County, with a primary focus on engaging men in the fight against FGM.

The Urgency of Action:
FGM not only violates the human rights of women and girls but also poses serious health risks, including severe pain, infection, complications during childbirth, and even death. Despite these consequences, FGM continues due to deep-rooted cultural beliefs and social pressures. Recognizing the urgent need for action, Mojatu Women CBO is spearheading a comprehensive approach to tackle this issue, with a specific emphasis on engaging men as allies and advocates for change.

Empowering Men as Agents of Change:
Historically, efforts to combat FGM have often sidelined men, viewing it solely as a women’s issue. However, Mojatu Women CBO understands that men play a crucial role in perpetuating or ending the practice. By involving men in discussions, trainings, and advocacy efforts, Mojatu Women CBO aims to shift cultural norms and promote gender equality. Through education and dialogue, men can become champions for the rights and well-being of women and girls, influencing their peers and future generations.

Collaborative Partnerships:
The success of Mojatu Women CBO’s initiative relies on strong partnerships with local organizations and community leaders. The event in Illpolei on 8th May 2024 will be hosted by Nareto Conservancy, a key partner committed to environmental conservation and community development. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, including women’s groups, youth organizations, and foundations, Mojatu Women CBO fosters a collective approach to ending FGM. Through shared resources, expertise, and networks, these partnerships amplify the impact of their efforts and ensure sustainability.

Community Engagement and Education:
Central to Mojatu Women CBO’s approach is community engagement and education. The event in Illpolei will feature interactive workshops, awareness sessions, and testimonies from survivors of FGM. These activities aim to dispel myths, challenge harmful beliefs, and provide accurate information about the consequences of FGM. By fostering open dialogue and creating safe spaces for discussion, Mojatu Women CBO empowers community members to question existing norms and advocate for change.

Call to Action:
As Mojatu Women CBO prepares to host this significant event in Laikipia County, they call upon all stakeholders, including government officials, religious leaders, educators, and community members, to join hands in the fight against FGM. By mobilizing collective action and prioritizing the involvement of men, we can accelerate progress towards ending this harmful practice and ensuring the rights and dignity of all women and girls.

The event organized by Mojatu Women CBO on 8th May 2024 in Illpolei, Laikipia County, marks a pivotal moment in the fight against FGM. By placing men at the forefront of this initiative, Mojatu Women CBO is not only challenging traditional gender roles but also fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. Through collaboration, education, and community engagement, we can build a future where every woman and girl can live free from the threat of FGM. Let us unite in solidarity and commitment to end FGM in Laikipia County and beyond.

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