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    Kiambu county, located in the central region of Kenya, has long been recognized as an economic powerhouse in the country. Its proximity to Nairobi,...

    The Path to Prosperity: Holistic Strategies for Poverty Alleviation in Kenya

    Poverty alleviation is a pressing issue in many counties across Kenya, with most Counties being no exception. To effectively combat poverty, it requires a...

    Youth Voluntarism and Community Service: Building a Brighter Future in Kitui County

    In an era marked by technological advancements, changing social dynamics, and global challenges, the spirit of voluntarism and community service among youth shines as...

    Mental Health Awareness among the Youth in Kitui

    Mental health has become a critical issue, especially among today's youth. In a world marked by rapidly evolving technologies, social pressures, and academic challenges,...

    Reasons Why One Should Not Drink Water At Night

    Drinking cold water at night is a common habit for many people, especially during hot summer months. While it may seem harmless, there are...

    TacklingYouth Unemployment in Northern Laikipia: A Call to Action

    North Laikipia, Kenya – Beautiful tranquil region of northern Laikipia, Kenya meets wildlife and wildlife. Defensively, there are depth and speed issues to consider. This is a problem that resonates not only in the region but also around the world: Youth Unemployment. In this article, we delve into the complexity of this problem, exploring its origins, its impact on young people, and strategies to solve it.Understanding the Unemployment ProblemYouth unemployment in Northern Laikipia is a complex problem with many causes. It is the result of the combination of commercial, social and educational fields. In general, young people in the region face serious problems when trying to enter the market.Economic Factors The economy of Northern Laikipia isbased on agriculture and tourism. While these businesses are...

    Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship in Kitui County: Unleashing the Potential of Tomorrow’s Leaders

    In the heart of Kenya lies Kitui County, a region teeming with promise and potential. Yet, like many areas across the African continent, Kitui...


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