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FYA hosts Music Festival to empower the youth in Nottingham communities


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Truer to the words of Arthur Schopenhauer, “Music is the food of the soul,” therefore, it is unsurprising that music has a myriad of advantages for the mind, body, and of course, the soul.

Music, as they say, is identity and the very fibre and soul of the society.

There are scientific and methodical benefits to incorporating music into the youth space as it creates a momentous mix of vibrations and sounds which come together to create rhythm and hence an electric mix of energy and just like our bodies needs food and energy to thrive in this world, music acts as food for the soul, rejuvenating it, filling it with oomph, and revitalising it.

Therefore, we ask: “Where would we be without music and where would we be without the youth?”

However, there is only one answer to these questions. “Nowhere!”

Music is not only the food it is also a healing to the soul, just as the youth are not just a number to the population, they are a soul of the nation.

Music, as legend has it, is relaxing, motivating, fun and stimulating and it makes the youth tick have a ‘drip’ to go on and it is against this background, that Fearless Youth Association (FYA) a non-profit organization, recently hosted a music festival at the Marcus Garvey Ballroom in Lenton, Nottingham for the youth in the communities.

FYA project lead Khaled Hijazi: The ultimate goal was to bring the communities together- Photo by Peter Makossah

The festival, which was solely organised with an aim to empower the youth in the local communities in the city and the surrounding areas saw over 200 youths attending the music shindig which saw 16 music artists taking to the stage.

FYA project lead Khaled Hijazi in an exclusive interview told Mojatu that the festival provided a space and platform for young people to showcase their talents and network with peers.

“The music festival was organised to empower the young people showcase their talent but also to have their voices heard in the communities and to ensure that they are celebrated.”

Khaled Hijazi said the ultimate goal is to bring the communities together to celebrate art, music and craft while networking and connecting with each other as one people of Nottingham.

Music Festival Patrons enjoying a performance

With refreshments provided, the festival was a celebration of the community, creativity, and youth empowerment.

FYA is a charity that supports young people, particularly in Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities through creative projects, training, and activities.

The youth organisation’s aim is to provide young people who are not in education, employment, or training with the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, coming together to learn from other young people to build confidence and skills to keep them away from violence on the streets.

The festival was a testament to FYA’s mission, with over 200 young people and refugees from the local community coming together to enjoy an evening of music and talent that showcased a diverse range of talent, with something for everyone, from Afrobeats, Rap, Trap, Hip-hop to Reggae and RnB genres.

Time for soundcheck: Artists getting ready for show

One of the highlights of the festival was the opportunity it provided for young people to connect with peers with similar interests and experiences.

We spoke with some of the artists who expressed their feelings on the event and the reasons they got into music.

One artist, Ashley song said: “I have had a difficult upbringing, but I found solace and comfort in my passion for music.”

“I do music because it’s a way to say the things that are normally hard to say,” Deji Rose, another participating artist, said with emphasis and in a matter-of-fact-tone .

The festival provided a safe space for everyone to express themselves and connect through music.

As one great Greek philosopher Plato, once said that music is a moral law, the festival brought everyone together and connected their souls through the sounds of music being played in the Marcus Garvey Ballroom and air of excitement engulfed and enveloped the atmosphere.

Plato’s words came to life where he aptly said: “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

Plato’s words were as fresh on this day and speaks of the power of music and it has the ability to impact our mood, our emotions, and even our physical health.

Truly, music is a transformative force.

“The music festival was organised to empower the young people showcase their talent but also to have their voices heard in the communities and to ensure that they are celebrated.”

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