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Things I Can Tell 20s years Old


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The transition from being a teenager to the phase of adulthood ( 20s) is weird start to stress about all life’s big decisions. Thoughts about your career starts creeping in, one starts visualizing on how they want their life to play out. The issue of finances and paying of bills slowly start catching up with you sooner than you had expected. All these cannot be figured out at once.

Put yourself first. This may sound as a cliché but it is what it is. It all starts with you. Develop self-love, the acceptance, the confidence, self-esteem. How you package yourself will automatically translate to how others will treat you. You are your most precious asset. Define your own rules, principles and take control of whatever revolves around you. You definitely gain nothing by pleasing someone else to an expense being at the receiving end. Release the fear of feeling like you are not good enough.

Being in your 20s and not taking risks sounds alarming. This is the time that we all are trying to grow. Growth can not take place while we are in our comfort zones. Comfort and change have probable never co-existed in one sentence. That youtube channel you got in mind, the blogging, podcast, the business idea, learning a tech course. Juggling around any of this may eventually help you land to your niche.

Clinging on one thing in this digital era can just leave you drowning in hopelessness. One has to be diversified and open-minded. Different opportunity can come knocking at your door but since one may feel like it’s not their area of study they will just let them slide. Be a person who is willing to learn and have knowledge and skills in different areas. Expand your wings and become flexible in any job market .

It’s just that time for networking. The groups you have joined while in campus and also takes part in their activities are the closest network in additional to friends and the course mates. Building a relationship portfolio contributes to the success of your career in future. Never burn bridges with these people because you never know will come in handy and at what time.

Working hard sounds analogue but it still pays off. Consistence and hard work is important in everything that one does. People will only get to know what you are doing by how frequent you put it out there.

In the 20s someone else may be living the life that you dream of but that is not the ticket to feel like you have failed. You cannot compare your journey to others. Learn to run the race at your own pace eventually you will get there. Believing is halfway achieving the goal. Let things flow one at a time because what works for the other may not necessarily work out for you.

Have a life outside the relationship that you are romantically involved in. Since it’s a phase that people are still growing and identifying themselves they may just wake up one day and feel like you are no longer good enough for them. You will be left nursing a broken heart and feel like your life is in wreck. Thoughts of the promises made while you were still naïve and when the relationship was at it’s rosy phase will just leave your eyes watery with a never-ending emotional battle.

The romantic movies we and the fairy novels make people have unrealistic expectations which cannot be fulfilled by a young man you just met in the university corridors. Arguments , blame games, disagreements become the order of the day and when you can no longer put up with each other you send yourself packing. Build yourself and your career in this golden phase. Always chase the glow and not men.

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