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Joseph Wambua


Beyond the Bet: Navigating the Complex Web of Gambling’s Impact on Kenyan Youth

The increasing prevalence of gambling and betting activities among Kenyan youth has raised significant worries about the potential social, economic, and psychological consequences  ....

Why Kenya is hopeful but hesitant about the Loss and Damage Fund.

Climate change poses a daily struggle in Kenya despite its minimal contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions. Severe challenges, including heatwaves, erratic rainfall, and...

Some of the best African books of 2023

Once more, African writers from the continent and diaspora have provided us some literary gems. Our top novels of 2023, in no particular order. 1.Ghost Season — Fatin...

City lights, silent nights: Memories of hiding in Nairobi’s labyrinth

Nairobi, a dream etched in my mind, beckoned me from the small town of Ifo Nuura in Kenya. The daily bus from the capital,...

The grim realities of Western climate change discourse on Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) prepared for elections in December 2023, and during this time, The Atlantic published an article by Senior Editor...

It’s really very unjust”: Egypt’s chief climate negotiator dissects COP28.

The COP28 climate talks in Dubai recently concluded last month, sparking a range of reactions and prompting discussions on its implications for Africa. Mohamed...

Are you depressed? How do you know if you are?

Depression is a serious and common medical condition that negatively impacts your actions, thoughts, and feelings. The condition is treatable. It causes sadness and...


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