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Unmasking the Challenge: Tackling Gang Arousal in Nairobi for a Secure and Inclusive Future

Nairobi, the vibrant capital city of Kenya, has been grappling with the issue of gang arousal and its impact on the community. The emergence...

Doomsday cults and paradox of the nation-state in East Africa

By The EastAfrican Translated variously as “watchful guardian” or “all-seeing guardian,” Argus could be a fitting parody of the present-day African state and its security...


Mwenyezi mungu aliumba mbingu na nchi. Kisha akaumba Adamu na Hawa. Ni jambo la kushangaza nchini kenya .Kuna baadhi ya vijana wanaua mabinti. Kuna...

Murder Probe After 21-Year-Old Fatally Knifed in North London

London Met confirmed the arrest of 17-years old boy on Monday this week in connection with 21-years old stabbed to death in North London....

‘Upskirting’ crimes surge in Nottinghamshire in last two years

At least 14 ‘upskirting’ crimes were recorded in Nottinghamshire in the past twenty four months, new data reveals Upskirting is a form of voyeurism where...

Banditry in Laikipia Kenya, pain in the neck.

Laikipia county, just like other northern region counties, for the last decade has been appearing on news headline because of banditry; with recent attack...

Protecting Nairobi’s Digital Frontier: Improving Cybersecurity in the Face of Growing Use of Digital Technology

Nairobi faces growing cybersecurity concerns as the city embraces the digital era and sees a boom in technology adoption. Cybercrime and data breaches are...


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