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Ayuuto: An African Microfinancing tradition

When a baby is born, it is as a matter of life and death for it to have instant supply of food whether in the...

Free and Fair elections still out of reach in Angola,ISS

Angola’s fifth multiparty polls on 24 August are expected to be highly contested, with a stronger opposition and a weakened ruling party. But the...


Nigerian President-elect Bola Tinubu flies to Europe for medical treatment

...as political rival Peter Obi officially petitions Presidential...

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The myth of 10,000 steps a day and other related stories

What we’re reading nextMonkeypox is now a health emergency. Here’s everything we know about how it spreads, who is most at risk, and...

Magic bullet Mini blender

General Health knowledge






Why do minority owned businesses fail? 

Lack of Training on Small Business and particularly minority...

Living Poor in A Wealthy Nation

Generally, poverty can be defined as when people confront...

Democracy; Cozy but Costly

The essence of every definition of democracy is the...

Pride and prejudice: A celebration of Black LGBTQ+ heroes

We look back on the achievements of nine remarkable...



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Councillors gives a nod for Nottingham Castle reopening as King Charles Coronation events are announced in the city

By Peter Makossah Councillors have given a nod for Nottingham Castle to reopen its gates to the public in June amid the announcement for King...

Midlands Net Zero Hub secures £47m to retrofit social homes

By Peter Makossah The Midlands Net Zero Hub has successfully bid for more than £47m of grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of up...

One-on-One with Paula Pontes  

Paula Pontes is a dedicated and passionate philanthropist, humanist, human rights activist and the founding President for the Nottingham-based Angola Women Voice Association in...

Award-winning ‘International Market’ back to Nottingham as Old Market Square play host this week

By Peter Makossah The international market is back in Nottingham and the Old Market Square will once again be hosting the award-winning International Market. An array...

Nottingham’s 1,000 a week meal-making project is earmarked for Public Sector Catering national award

By Peter Makossah An innovative project saving surplus food from being wasted which has delivered around 1,000 meals a week to local charities has been...

Getting ready to vote

By Sharon RM Stevens Some might have yet to realise that the rules are changing. As of  4th May 2023, the new rules will be implemented,...

Scientists working on new medical breath test that could detect cancer early to save many more lives

By Peter Makossah It is one of the most aggressive and deadly illnesses for mankind. And, the biggest problem has always been finding it early...


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Moja Tu Educational Foundation Success Stories

Meet Ruffi: On becoming a professional chef Ruffi joined the...

Active Nottingham gyms undergoing massive transformation

By Peter Makossah Nottingham City Council run gyms are undergoing...

ALERT: WhatsApp account takeover scam

Criminals are targeting WhatsApp users by posing as a...