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East Africa’s songbird, Zuchu’s new hit “Utaniua” amass over 1 million views in hours after release

East Africa and Tanzanian celebrated songbird, Zuhura Othman, who is popularly known by her moniker, Zuchu, has made another history with her new biopic romantic...

The great crime of Marikana

One act was central to converting what had already been a week of killing and confrontation at Marikana in 2012 into a massacre. That...


Nottingham dodges the axe in Forest

The evergreen Nottingham Forest faced a chaotic start to...



The Big Interview

One-on-One with Penny Cooper

She is a philanthropist, community champion, a goddess of charity and a human who loves humanity. She lives her life for others...





London’s local community organizations are making a positive impact on residents

In every community, there are local organizations that are...

New Contemporary Ceramics exhibitions at Nottingham Newstead Abbey

Nottingham City Museums’ studio pottery collections will be celebrated...

FYA hosts Music Festival to empower the youth in Nottingham communities

Truer to the words of Arthur Schopenhauer, “Music is...

Action-packed event celebrates contribution of Black culture

Vibrant young people from different cultures and backgrounds showcased...



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Fighting Family Burnout During the COVID-19 Crisis

After several months of stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many households are beginning to experience family burnout from spending so much time...

Why Female-Friendly Toilets Need to Become a Hot News Topic

November 19 is World Toilet Day – and a chance to highlight the role of toilets in gender inequality. Global health expert Marni Sommer...

Companies are increasingly turning to social media to screen potential employees

As businesses around the world slowly start to reopen after being forced to shut down operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the graduates of...

7 Signs Your Psychiatrist Is a Keeper

“I’ll defer to your judgment on this one,” I said to my psychiatrist, shrugging. “You defer to me a lot,” he pointed out, laughing. “You’re...
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Hyson Green Cultural Festival Celebrates Black History Month

As part of events marking the celebration of Black History Month, the Hyson Green Youth Centre played host to another organiser of activities commemorating the occasion. Abdoulie Jah who is...

They survived Ebola. Now they want to teach others to survive COVID-19

Yusuf Kabba remembers clearly the first time he heard about the coronavirus. It was 5am and he was listening to the BBC World Service...

‘Renewable’ natural gas may sound green, but it’s not an antidote for climate change

Natural gas is a versatile fossil fuel that accounts for about a third of U.S. energy use. Although it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions...


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