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15 African & Caribbean takeaways to try in Derby

Here at Mojatu, we decided to investigate food providers in the Derby area that offer authentically cooked African & Caribbean dishes. Here is what...

The power of persistence: The rise of three Black billionaires

Meet Oprah Winfrey, Robert F. Smith, and Michael Jordan – three billionaires who have shattered barriers to achieving success. Despite facing challenges, these individuals...

The secret to luscious locks: How Black hair is styled

We untangle the history of Black hair and look at how it's styled and maintained... Historically, Black people have faced challenges in caring for their...

Three African and Caribbean recipes and the history behind them

Discover the rich culinary heritage of Africa and the Caribbean through three iconic recipes. Ackee and saltfish (Jamaican) This popular Jamaican dish is commonly served at...

Bomeh, a gigantic landfill in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Located in the east end of Freetown, is Bomeh, the largest dumpsite in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Here, on a daily basis, people come to...

Africa Waste Management

Unfortunately, waste management is a problem facing many African countries. It is a social, environmental and economic problem affecting African nations, and we need...


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