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Kenya and the US are negotiating a trade deal that could be a model for Africa – but its position on workers needs a rethink

The US and Kenya announced a trade and investment partnership in July 2022. Talks have been progressing on the way forward in nine areas, including agriculture,...

Kenyans look to the foggy heavens for water amid state neglect

With millions lacking decent access to water, growing numbers are using cheap innovations like fog harvesting to take it straight from the air. Each morning,...

The Africa Climate Summit must dare speak the unspeakable

Fossil fuels, by far the biggest source of emissions, have brought much harm and few benefits to Africa. Yet climate agreements barely mention them. From...

How Mombasa became the first capital of British East Africa and why it lost its status to Nairobi

Mombasa is a coastal city in southeastern Kenya along the Indian Ocean. It has a long and rich history as a trading center and...

Risks of digital influence: lessons for South Africa’s 2024 election

Research in Kenya shows that a rigorous professional legacy media is vital to counterbalance malign players online. As South Africa heads for general elections in...

How young Kenyans are using sports and arts to develop their careers

Sports and arts are not only sources of entertainment and leisure, but also avenues for young Kenyans to express themselves, develop their talents, and...

Onana in: African goalie joins Man United on US tour

27-year-old Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana has signed a five-year contract with Manchester United, and is due to join the club on their American tour. This...


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