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Mushili the Mastermind, written by Tristan Best 


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Mushili was born in Zambia, in 2001, she grew up around great chefs and bakers such as her mum and grandma. Mushili moved from Zambia at the young age of 1, Moving to Coventry, growing up she fell in love with acting, especially when performing in shows such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Hansel and Gretel, she even performed in the famous Belgrade Theatre, the arts, dancing and singing. She counts herself as a jack of all trades. A confidently driven individual with great aspirations, she initially stumbled into a deep love for baking for people during her uni time at Nott’m Trent, due to boredom. She had been scrolling through her Snapchat and saw her friend had baked an Oreo Cheesecake, and she immediately said, “Damn girl that looks GOOOD! Please send me the recipe!” She then baked that very recipe and fell in love with the delicate process and proceeded to bake other recipes, finding that she was rather good, her blockmates initially deemed her the designated chef and baker. That very Oreo Cheesecake impressed her mates and they all insisted she strike the iron whilst it was hot and start her own Baking Business! 

Mushili from “Mushy’s Treats”, photography by “Visualsbydk” @dkvisuals._

At first she was anxious to go all in, but luckily she had some like minded people with their own businesses around her at the time and they gave her the appropriate advice to take her plans forward. 

She now runs her business and looks to push her brand forward with immediate effect. With plans to expand the ‘Mushy’s Treats’ brand further to other places around the UK. 

What items are on your menu?

Mushili crafts customers’ ideas from scratch, and also has a menu with favourites from previous clients, such as oreo cakes, smoothies and milkshakes and other irresistible products. 

What are your best selling products?

Chocolate Brownies! Cakes and Crepes!

What are your company targets and morales? Mushy’s treats aims to provide excellent customer service and high quality products to all customers looking for superb homemade desserts and decorations. 

What are your biggest achievements?

Getting recognised by Deliveroo and attending glamorous photoshoots for the company!

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