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Keep away from these 4 content-making mistakes


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Your business can bear the brunt of content marketing mistakes in a big way. Ineffective business strategies can halt your business growth and reduce sales probability significantly. Content marketing aims to generate quality leads and create brand awareness.

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Content Marketing

1. Inconsistence

For starters, you should connect with the right audience and deliver valuable content. Be consistent in delivering quality content to build customer engagement and trust. Establish credibility and presence, which will lead to growth in sales and new business prospects.

Sometimes, other business and personal commitments hinder you from creating content often. But, if your readers expect new content at a specific time or day and you fail to deliver continuously, you will lose credibility with them. This is guaranteed if you run a paid subscription page. You can battle inconsistency by setting realistic goals for posting content at the start of the venture.

2. Failing to Address Your Target Audience

You may be consistent with your content delivery, but it won’t yield much if you are talking to the wrong audience. Begin your posts by recognizing your preferred audience and establishing what to include that’s valuable to your readers. Valuable content that entertains and educates helps you gain the trust of your audience. An appreciated audience is likely to share your content amongst their networks. Over half the content available on social media originates from peers.

3. Staying in the Funnel

Examine the needs of your audience with empathy, agility, and authenticity. This came out during the COVID-19 pandemic. The customary buyers became obsolete for many enterprises. However, those who applied empathy and understood their customers’ personas provided value and built trust amidst the crisis.

4. Failure to Use Visual Aids

Content and text are essential. However, visual aids help grab the viewer’s attention, raise their curiosity, and direct them through the content. A post with an image has a higher bounce rate than one with an image. If your budget is limited, get free stock images from sites like Unsplash. Here you’ll find images on many topics, and it’s free.

Apart from images, include typographical aids such as coloured links, bulleted lists, italics, bolded text, etc. You can break the monotonous black text in numerous ways. Do not be afraid to experiment until you develop something that suits your message and brand.

About The Author

Joseph Wambua
Joseph Wambuahttp://mojatu.com
I am a dynamic professional currently serving as the Youth Media Manager at Youth Future Lab. With a solid foundation in finance and IT, I am certified by Coursera in IT Support Fundamentals and by Alison in ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System. Additionally, I am a certified fact-checker. Passionate about personal and professional development, I am dedicated to using my expertise to enhance the skills of others while continuously seeking new ideas and knowledge to further my own growth. My commitment to excellence and quality management makes me a valuable asset to any team.


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