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Sakaja Supercup First Edition

The recently concluded inaugural Sakaja Super Cup has left an indelible mark on Nairobi's football history, emerging as a tournament that goes beyond the...

“Kazi Mtaani” Programme By Nairobi Governor

Amidst the global onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, former President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya introduced the Kazi Mtaani  program as a strategic response to...

Concerns are being raised by Kenyans about a rise in deaths related to Airbnb stays in Nairobi

Within the initial 14 days of the new year, there have been reports of two fatalities occurring in what is purported to be Airbnb...

Navigating the Forex Market

Engaging in the intricate world of foreign exchange (forex) trading involves the strategic act of purchasing one currency while simultaneously selling another, all with...

What is a SACCO? How it Works

A SACCO, short for Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation or Society, functions as a voluntary association where members regularly pool their savings. In turn,...

Journeying Through Financial Terrains: Delving into the Dynamic Realm of Money Market Funds in Kenya

Money Markets Funds  (MMFs) are currently one of the most popular investment vehicles in Kenya. This is because they invest in highly liquid securities...

The Importance Of Retirement Planning And The Role Of Pensions

Retirement planning  can be described as the process of determining the retirement income goals and the necessary actions taken to achieve  those goals. While...


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